For the Life of a Butterfly: An Iranian Boy's Life Journeys in a Revolution

 For the Life of a Butterfly:  An Iranian Boy's Life Journeys in a Revolution



Afsan Azadi

This is a novel about a soft and gentle soul, a gentle human, Hamid, who grows up during the Iranian Revolution and, through his life journey, learns about the Persian culture and its people, struggle between secularity (monarchy) and religion, between poor and the rich, between genders, and between social classes.  This is the life of many Iranians before and after the revolution, but for Hamid is his struggle to discover his culture, himself.  For the Life of a Butterfly is a testament of purity and rich values of Persian people like Hamid, even if a butterfly determines their destiny.



Afsan Azadi is a writer/author of many short stories, this novel, and many more novels which will follow. Afsan is educated in anthropology, sociology, women's studies and feminism, ethnic studies, along in Spanish and French languages and cultures in the United States. Afsan was born in Iran but now resides in the US.

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